Bleeding Fingers

Surf the Web to hear the truth,

But all the talk lacks is proof.

Autistic murdered justifiably:

Those people just shouldn’t be!

Lack of worth grinds law to dust,

Mercy sentence pronounced as just.

Mama reflects in sorrow and umbrage;

On journalists’ hateful coverage.

The answer to parents’ violence?

The outrage is lost in the silence.

Typing fingers poise over keys…

Not enough just to grieve.

So, prick the finger to make it bleed.

Smear the clot on the screen.

Mama’s blood simmers in rage.

Her words ignite, burn the cage.

The world to gain: Spread the word!

Pierce the vein!  Blood will be heard!

Blood flows like words across the page,

Declaring love, acceptance, grief and rage.

Mama’s love bleeds her typing fingers red

to paint a picture where he can be, not dead.

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Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie Allen Crist is a writer, advocate, and marketer. Stephanie’s first two books, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity: A Memoir and First Steps: Understanding Autism, are available now.

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