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One of the great pleasures of the publicity that comes with releasing a new book is the opportunity to meet new people and to discover new platforms and how they intersect with my own. This is how I discovered Motherhood Moments. Bekah had some great questions during her interview with me and I’m proud to share the results.

What was the most surprising thing you’ve learned about raising family on the autism spectrum?

The most surprising thing I’ve learned about raising a family on the autism spectrum is that quality of life isn’t about ability any more than it is about how much stuff you have. Quality of life is the balance between the love you have in your life and the opportunity to pursue your dreams, no matter how challenging that dream may be. Now this lesson influences all my work.

Thank you, Bekah, for taking the time to interview me and to share my work with your readers. I ask those of you seeing this to take this opportunity to check out Motherhood Moments for yourself.


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Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie Allen Crist is a writer, advocate, and marketer. Stephanie’s first two books, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity: A Memoir and First Steps: Understanding Autism, are available now.

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