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When I first became pregnant, I made use of three different baby book manuals I’d collected over the years. Every time I found myself in a waiting room, however, I sought out a copy of Parents magazine and read what I could. A few times over the years, I found the money to buy a subscription; unfortunately, I also discovered that parenthood left little time for reading.

The more I recognized my boys as being different from the norm, the more I veered away from traditional parenting advice. I’d learned the hard way that too much of it simply did not apply. I was pleased to discover that Parents magazine now operates a blog for those of us who parent to a different drummer called Special Needs Now. I’ve found that this blog combines the expertise one would expect from Parents magazine with the special focus those of us who parent children with disabilities need. And that is why I am proud to share with you an interview that has appeared on Parents magazine’s blog Special Needs Now.

Jamie Pacton asked some great questions. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to share this answer with the readers of Special Needs Now:

What are some of the positive benefits of this choice that you’ve seen in your own children?

My children know they are loved. My children know they are worthwhile human beings. My children know that they are capable of living their dreams. Some people underestimate how powerful this knowledge can be. If you’ve ever met someone who has just given up, then you can understand what a difference this makes. My children are not being groomed for a life of being “less than” others. They are being taught to believe in their own worth and their own possibilities.

I would like to thank Jamie and Sherry for their wonderful support and I would also like to let you know that “a day in the life” post will appear on Special Needs Now later this month, so be on the look out!

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