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Training is simply expertise presented as education or instruction designed to develop the thoughts, habits, and behaviors of someone with less experience or information on a subject or activity. As a business, you represent a substantial amount of expertise that may be of benefit to colleagues, peers, clients, and customers. By harnessing that expertise into a training package, you are creating a new way to build up your platform of expertise, which can help you market your business more effectively.

There are many ways to break down how you can add training to your current offerings. The first and foremost distinction often used is made between free training and paid training. Your decision will be based on three primary factors. First, the quality of your training is a major consideration. If you can offer high quality training from a position of substantial (even accredited) expertise, you are more likely to be able to charge for your training. Second, the cost of your training is a major consideration. If your training is going to consume a substantial amount of your time or resources, you are more likely to want to charge for your training. Third, the purpose your training serves is a major consideration. If your training is unlikely to generate sufficient revenues to compensate for the cost involved when offered as a free service, you are more likely to need to charge for your training.

Training is also broken down by its format and distribution mechanisms. Training can be produced as written material, as a speech, or as a multimedia presentation. Training can be distributed online, via mail, or in person. Whitepapers, e-books, podcasts, webinars, seminars, and workshops are all format and distribution methods used to share expertise in order to train others. The format and distribution mechanisms you use greatly influence your reach and your expenses.

A final distinction can be made by who your training targets. If you’re targeting colleagues and peers, you are more likely to charge for the training you offer and your fee may be substantial. If you’re targeting clients and customers, you’re more likely to offer the training for free as a means of attracting new customers or to offer your training as a value-adding service to retain and expand the business of your current clients.

Once you get the hang of training as a marketing medium, you may find yourself creating a wide variety of training opportunities to add to your offerings, because trainings can be a great way to find fulfillment while generating additional income for your business. Good luck!

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