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As a marketer, I’ve known for a long time that people prefer content with pictures than content that is just a long column of text. Still, because I’m not a picture person, I resisted using pictures regularly in my own content for many years.

Then, I hired a digital marketing firm, Robb Digital Marketing, and their knowledgeable staff taught me a few easy ways to find pictures that I could use in my content for free. I keep things simple and stick to Pixabay. Now I have developed the habit of using pictures with my posts.

There was still a need, however, for original graphics. This is especially important in social media, when you want something original and unique to spread around. Now, one of my colleagues has agreed to make me pictures specifically for my content. I provide him with the text and maybe a bit of the pictorial concept I’m looking for, then he makes it for me. Again, it’s simple!

This post features the first one he did. Tell me what you think. Then, tell me whether you use pictures and what your excuses are if you don’t.


p.s. Next week I’ll be posting a big announcement, so stay tuned!

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Stephanie Allen Crist is a writer, advocate, and marketer. Stephanie’s first two books, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity: A Memoir and First Steps: Understanding Autism, are available now.

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