Should You Have a Branded Resume?

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When you go out looking for work, you may need to show off your qualifications. There are many ways to do this, of course, but one of the standard methods is to share a branded resume with your clients. But what exactly is a branded resume?

When you’re applying for a traditional job, you want to show your potential employer that you can do the work they need done and that you can work within the environment they have created for their employees. When you’re applying for an untraditional job, you want to do the same thing, but you can’t use the same resume. Instead, you will use a branded resume.

A branded resume is a marketing tool you use to demonstrate your qualifications as a business owner. You need to show the work experience and education that qualified you to open your business, but this should take up no more than half a page of your one-page resume, which means you’re probably going to be leaving a lot of things out. You also need to show the skills you use to complete your clients’ work; including both the professional and business management skills you put to use in order to complete the job to your clients’ satisfaction. This should take up no less than half of your one-page resume. The thing that really sets this resume apart, however, is that on the top of the page, where you include your name and your professional contact information, you also include your business logo. Furthermore, your resume is formatted and stylized to be consistent with your branding.

A branded resume has a very different look and feel than a traditional resume, because it’s used for a different purpose. With this type of resume, you have the opportunity to slough off the boring, traditional resume requirements and get creative with your marketing message. On the surface, you’re communicating much of the same information, but you’re doing so in a way that adds a bit more credibility and confidence to your messaging medium.

Don’t settle for traditional tools when you’re seeking untraditional opportunities. Stamp all of your materials with your own brand, including your resume, to show that this isn’t something you’re doing on this side, but that you are a committed business professional with the skills your potential client needs to receive a job well done.

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