The Top 8 Benefits of Blogging by Batch

  1. You don't have to get your posts one by one.

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Many business blogs fail to live up to the hype. It’s not because blogging doesn’t work. It’s because the way these businesses implement their blogs doesn’t work. There are a variety of ways of generating blog posts, including using inside help, using occasional outside help, and hiring a content platform’s services. Unfortunately, the most common ways of generating posts bring with them inherent flaws that erode the value of your business blog.

I can solve these problems by blogging by batch for you. I have the blogging and project planning expertise to produce posts that will satisfy your needs and achieve your goals. The batch system fully leverages that expertise. Instead of buying individual posts, you can buy a monthly or yearly batch of posts all at once.

Here are the top 8 benefits of blogging by batch:

1) Quality

By hiring a professional writer with extensive blogging experience, you gain the benefits produced by high quality posts without sacrificing any other potential benefits.

2) Value

Admittedly, I don’t work as cheaply as some of the options available to you, but value is not strictly a matter of price. By providing discounts that coincide with the size of your order, you get the value of saving money while improving the quality of the posts you receive, individually and collectively.

3) Consistency

Individual posts, even when purchased by the same writer, sacrifice consistency. A consistent voice is important, because that voice becomes part of your blog and your brand. If you use several inconsistent voices, it tends to jar your readers on a subconscious level. They’re less engaged because they don’t know “who” they’re engaging. Inconsistency makes trust more difficult.

4) Novelty

When posts are planned and developed in advance, you can maintain the consistency of voice while building novelty into your blog. Topics can be pre-planned so they are repeated with the desired levels of frequency, while ensuring that each time a topic is revisited it is a novel experience for your readers.

5) Branding

Voice is part of your branding, but it’s only part of the brand experience you provide. Your blog is a complementary service you provide for your customers that should be designed to reinforce the brand they experience in every other interaction. Leveraging the expertise of a single blogging professional not only allows you to maintain the branding you desire, it also allows you to change an existing brand over time to make it the brand you really want.

6) Development

Progress and personal growth are highly valued. This sense of development applies equally well to businesses as to people. By planning ahead, you can show your readers that your organization does indeed develop over time. Furthermore, as your posts develop over time, your long-term readers will also develop. The more they gain by reading your well-branded blog, the more that sense of loyalty will transfer to the products and services you sell.

7) Strategy

Business blogging is driven by strategy. That strategy may be crystal clear and well-formulated or it may be vague and haphazard. Either way, you’re blogging for a reason. By blogging by batch, you can ensure your blog fulfills the reasons for its existence. Within the batch system, the posts you receive will be designed to implement a strategy formulated to achieve your goals.

8) Engagement

The result of all these benefits can be summed up with reader engagement. By creating valuable, high quality, consistently novel content that brands your blog and your business while developing over time in accordance with a strong strategy, you will deliver content your readers want to engage with, whether it’s informative, persuasive, entertaining, or even pure marketing. By engaging your readers, you will achieve your goals.


If you want professional help to make your blog great and you’re ready to give blogging by batch a try, then download Blogging by Batch – Rates and Service Terms. I can ensure you get the quality, value, consistency, novelty, branding, development, strategy, and engagement your blog needs for you to reach your goals. I look forward to working with you.

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