Advocate Services

I do not advocate for a living. You cannot hire me to come to your child’s school or come to your place of work to advocate on your behalf. I will, however, provide the following services at discounted rates to people with neurological disabilities who want to benefit from my expertise.

Business and Marketing Services

  • Business consultation: I will help you develop a new business or expand your current business in order to facilitate your efforts to support yourself and your family.
  • Business planning: I will create a business and action plan that uses your areas of expertise and your goals to set in motion a profitable course of action.

Career Development Services

  • Resumes: I will create a professional resume you can use to obtain the position that will advance your career.
  • Career planning: I will help you develop a course of action to realize your career goals.

*Please note that I no longer provide career development services to the general public, but I will utilize my training and expertise in these areas to benefit people with neurological disabilities.