Caressing the Muse

  • Magnifying Glass

    Will Your Book Be Discoverable?

    My attention has recently been turned to discoverability. In a he said/she said moment, I was told that she told him that it takes authors about a year to get discovered by the masses. In other words, it takes about a year for your first book to catch on. The “he said” part of this […]

  • Time

    Timing and Timelines

    One of the advantages of being an Indie author is that you’re not subject to anyone else’s timelines—at least, not as you would be if you were a traditional author. If you get the work done early, you can move ahead to the publishing part (assuming you have the resources in place). If you take […]

  • Trailer Time: A Merging of Worlds

    I’ve wanted to write fantasy fiction since I was a child. But the first book I wrote was a work of nonfiction, a work of purpose and a work of advocacy. This trailer points to a book that merges the two. I want to love this trailer. I want to try this book. But despite […]

  • Errors

    When It Doesn’t Work

    No matter how well you plan, no matter how much you invest, no matter how diligent you are with your marketing, one thing always remains true: It might not work. Our plans, our investments, and our efforts are all based on guesses. The more informed these guesses are the more likely they are to yield […]

  • Time

    Off Schedule

    The last (I hope) flu bug of the season has arrived. Ben brought it home last week and I’ve been off kilter ever since. I thought my body was fighting it off, because the first few days I managed to be asymptomatic—at least, I didn’t share in his symptoms. Over the weekend and all through […]

  • Boomm

    Going Big

    Most independent writers operate with very limited resources. We don’t have tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to drop on our promotional activities to turn our books into bestsellers. Some of our books don’t even have the potential to become bestsellers, no matter how much money we were to drop on them. We all […]

  • Clear Sky Pier

    A Mental Vacation

    You’ve been told. If you’re smart, you’ll have listened. I’m sure, on occasion, you’ve learned the hard way. When you’re writing, you can become entranced with your work. You’ll start to see the words you meant to write, the ideas you thought you captured, the images you saw in your head. You lose perspective. To […]

  • Trailer Time: Dreaming in Pictures

    In the world of autism, there are people who describe—using words—how they think in pictures. For them, words are something of a foreign language. I’m the opposite. I think in words. I even translate pictures into words in my mind. The trailer I found for this week is a book trailer that uses pictures to […]

  • Apple Offering

    The Temptation of Advertisements

    If you use social media to promote your work as a writer, you’ll undoubtedly encounter the persistent efforts of a great many people to get you to use their advertising services to promote your books. These offers are very tempting when you’re just starting to sell your work. But be wary! Satisfying your sense of […]

  • Microphone

    A Pivotal Experience

    I’ve shared with you my first interview, now let me explain why this is a big deal for me. If you’ve been reading Caressing the Muse for a while, you know that I consider myself a writer, not a speaker. Public speaking has terrified me since I was a child, and I rather resented the […]

  • Trailer Time: The Interview Edition

    I apologize for the lack of new posts for the last two weeks. I’ve been busy being successful in my publishing/promotion gambit, and I’ve been getting everything together for my second release. This second book, First Steps: Understanding Autism, is what one might call an e-book. Since I’m also releasing it as a print book, […]

  • Bookworm

    What Else Do You Have to Offer?

    The best of readers have voracious appetites. I know, because I am such a reader. I have no idea how many books I’ve read. It’s too hard to keep track. As a child, I could go through a 1,000 page book in two or three days, depending on how much homework and socializing I had […]