Caressing the Muse

  • Editing

    In the Eyes of an Editor

    As a writer, I’ve had many different kinds of editors over the years. I’m also trained to be an editor for other writers and I’ve had the opportunity to act as editor for some wonderful manuscripts that I’ve proudly made better by my efforts. Now, with my first book published and with more on the […]

  • Trailer Time: A Tease of Air

    This trailer looked promising… …but after watching the trailer, I know little more than I did when I first found the trailer. There is a book called Those Above by Daniel Polansky, but I knew that as soon as I found the trailer. All I really learned is that he styles his work as being […]

  • Pricing

    Getting Pricing Right

    Your words have value. The value you assign to your words is going to influence the value others assign to them. Your price sends a message, whether you mean it to or not. Most people receive the message without being consciously aware of the fact. So, there really isn’t an opportunity to put a positive […]

  • Colors

    The Cost of (Un)Informed Decision Making

    Using CreateSpace, I designed a print version of my book, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity. I followed each step with as much information as I was provided, and followed each step until I’d gone as far as I could. Finally, after the interior of my book was designed, I had my cover adjusted to fit […]

  • Trailer Time: A Quick Bit

    I found a short trailer for this busy day: We find out quickly that this trailer is for a collection of short stories. The entirety of this short book trailer consists of the book cover, a bit of text, and eerie music. Generally speaking, this wouldn’t be enough for an effective trailer, but that music […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    The Purchase Decision

    I should have realized it long before now. Of all people, I should have been able to figure this out. It’s so obvious in retrospect that I can’t help but hit myself over the head with what a dullard I must be. A more honest assessment would reveal that it’s not that I couldn’t have […]

  • Memoir book cover

    The Right People, The Right Time

    I am self-publishing my first book, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity. I have put a lot of work into this manuscript and its publication. Let nothing I am about to say detract from the necessity of that. Writers must work hard to birth books. It’s fair to say that I’m an Indie writer, because I […]

  • Trailer Time: Animation, Distraction, and Direction

    Take a look at this animation! When I first clicked on this trailer, I knew I wanted to talk about what was going on here. The first thing I noticed was how well the music seemed to reflect what was going on in the trailer. Then, I got distracted—I thought I saw one of the […]

  • What Matters to You?

    Marketing is communication. It doesn’t have to be salesy or formal to be effective. In fact, for most writers it shouldn’t be anything like traditional marketing. Instead, your communications should focus on what matters to you. One thing that matters to every writer, at least to some degree, is that their writing sells well. Marketing, […]

  • Telling My Stories

    I have loved stories for as long as I can remember. I remember the moment I realized that stories—the stories I loved—were created by people. After that flash of understanding, I also realized that I could be one of those people. I expected that I would write fiction. I gravitated to speculative fiction, especially fantasy. […]

  • Caressing the Muse moves to!

    If you’re still on my old writer blog, Caressing the Muse, I invite you to hop on over here. You should find all the old posts you’ve enjoy in the past. (We’re trying to ensure all the comments transfer too, but this seems to be harder than it looks.) You’ll also find all my future posts as they […]

  • Self-Publishing is Production and Distribution

    Whenever you make your writing available to your readers, you are making a marketing decision. Whether the piece of writing is for sale or for free, whether it’s print or electronic, whether it’s distributed widely or narrowly, all these choices are marketing choices. The publication method you choose is also a marketing choice. While all […]