Caressing the Muse

  • Trailer Time: Dreaming Death

    This trailer wasn’t quite what I expected. I don’t know why Laura Madeline Wiseman’s book is called Wake, when it is tales of a female Death. Nor do I know why she chose the particular opening for the trailer that she did. But I find that the oddity appeals to me. I’m assuming, instead of […]

  • Timing Is (Almost) Everything

    Two big things are happening soon. First, my website is getting a much needed overhaul at the hands of experts in digital marketing. Second, my memoir, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity is being self-published in both electronic and print format, though the print version will only be available through, you guessed it, Clearly, […]

  • The Space In Between

    Whenever you craft a story, whether it is fact or fiction, short or long, you inevitably leave things out. As you develop your skill as a writer, transitioning from amateur to apprentice, from apprentice to journeyman, from journeyman to master, you develop an eye (or an ear) for those things which express more by being […]

  • Trailer Time: Oddity

    I usually like oddities. Different is good! The trouble with oddities, though, is that sometimes they are odd in ways that are different from your own oddities. If the difference is significant, it can make interpretation difficult. I don’t know what to make of this trailer. It’s a story that, apparently, is told in pictures, […]

  • Taking the Time

    I’m terrible at acting on my social media knowledge, so feel free to skip this post to avoid a “do as I say, not as I do” lecture. But I hope you stick with me to better learn from my mistakes and my experiences. First, social media is a great professional tool, but only if […]

  • Spending Time

    Time is not my friend. It goes by too quickly. It goes by too slowly. It slips by me unawares whenever I focus too intently. This is most especially problematic when I’m supposed to be winding down for bed, as I am as I’m writing this. I was going to go to bed around 10 […]

  • Trailer Time: With a Wrinkle

    So, my theme for this week is time and then there’s this… [youtube] So, maybe it’s just because I love the book and have since I was a child, but that was awesome! It was visually and auditorily stimulating. (Yes, I know that that’s not technically a word, but it should be, so deal […]

  • Happy 2015!

    Reflecting back on 2014, it would easy to get hung up on how it was a “bad year” for me and for my family, because the first few months were difficult and the last few months have been especially difficult. But the truth is that I earned more money this year than I did last […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Our Christmas celebration is a three-fold event. It starts with the “Cristmas party,” during which Mark and I bring the boys and, usually, my Mom to the Crist family Christmas party. Over the years this event has been transformed to better meet the needs of the boys. It used to happen in a restaurant or […]

  • Marketing with Integrity

    I don’t love marketing. A lot of the marketing I see is either founded on lies or on subtle deception. I don’t like that kind of marketing. And I don’t create that kind of marketing. My marketing is honest and built on integrity. That’s what I teach my clients. That’s what I teach my readers […]

  • My Kind of Proselytizing

    For those of you who don’t know, I am a Christian. Christianity is a big part of my worldview and it inevitably ends up in nearly everything I write, yet none of what I write could be properly described as proselytizing. Part of this is because I firmly believe that “freedom of religion” is a […]

  • Trailer Time: Seasons Greetings

    We’re all eager to get our books into the hands of our readers as soon as they’re ready. It’s natural, it’s normal, but it’s not necessarily a sign of marketing savvy. [youtube] Okay, so this is a children’s book. I get it. It’s not my usual thing. But… There are books that should come […]