Embracing Chaos

  • Truth and beauty hides beneath the surface.

    Deep Miss

    If you wanted to criticize Star Trek, you might talk about their sloppy “science,” their socialism-without-side-effects mentality, or their too-easily-resolved-in-the-last-few-minutes plot setups. If I were to criticize Star Trek, it would be their cursory “resolutions” of complex problems. This is especially dissatisfactory when those problems are social, not personal, in nature. Take, for example, Star […]

  • A tiger doesn't belong in the community, but people do!


    I am aware of tigers. I even know a little bit about them. I know they’re part of the cat family. I know that tigers have stripes. I know that they probably don’t have a preferred cereal. And I think they might be endangered. So, I’m aware of tigers. The problem with tigers is that […]

  • I'm ending my detour!

    Ending My Hiatus

    I’ve been on an unofficial hiatus for almost a year now, but it’s time for that to end. Without going into too many details, I have experienced several health-related setbacks over the last year. When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I handled the changes in my life and energy levels fairly well. As incidents […]

  • Architecture

    Why Does Cost Matter?

    My stepson Brandon is a senior in high school. Two weeks ago, he went to his senior prom—the one and only school dance he attended throughout his high school experience. When it was time to pick up his tux, he directed me to a little shop on a main drag in our town. The shop […]

  • Capitalism

    Capitalism, Employment & Disability

    Capitalism gets a bad rap in many liberal circles, which is rather ironic since capitalism is the only economic system in existence that protects the individual rights of those operating in the economic environment. In a capitalist economy, you have the right to property and the right to make your own economic decisions. The more […]

  • Work

    The Right to Work

    In discussing the issue of human rights in relation to the Disability Rights Movement, James I. Charlton asks in Nothing About Us Without Us, “Is the right to work a basic human right?” This question is raised in a peculiar context, however, because it is preceded by a description of democracy as meaning being included […]

  • Horizon

    Beyond Autism

    With my stepson Brandon on the verge of graduation, about to step into his future as an adult, I can’t help but think about Willy, who is only a few steps behind him. Willy is in his second year of high school, so when this year is finished he’ll only have two years left. We […]

  • Waiting

    Leveling Up on Patience

    My husband Mark, my stepson Brandon, and my son Willy are gamers. They love playing video games and they love talking about them. It’s been years since I really got into video games; the last time I invested any serious time in a video game was around when Alex was born. This is not a […]

  • Book cover for "First Steps: Understanding Autism"

    Review from Full Spectrum Mama

    One of the great things about the Greater Autism Community is that if there’s a skill or service you need, you can almost certainly find someone with a connection to autism that provides it. This was especially important when I was in the market for a freelance editor. Full Spectrum Mama and I were chatting […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Bonus Review on Independent Publishers Shelf

    If you scroll down, you can see Diane C. Donovan’s review of Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity on The Independent Publishers Shelf. Here is a clip of what Donovan has to say: “Discovering Autism Discovering Neurodiversity follows Crist’s learning curve as she came to realize what an autism diagnosis meant for her three children. It […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Interview on Motherhood Moments

    One of the great pleasures of the publicity that comes with releasing a new book is the opportunity to meet new people and to discover new platforms and how they intersect with my own. This is how I discovered Motherhood Moments. Bekah had some great questions during her interview with me and I’m proud to […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Interview on Parents’ Special Needs Now Blog

    When I first became pregnant, I made use of three different baby book manuals I’d collected over the years. Every time I found myself in a waiting room, however, I sought out a copy of Parents magazine and read what I could. A few times over the years, I found the money to buy a […]