Embracing Chaos

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Review from AC Flory

    The first review Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity got came from a fellow Indie author, a long-time reader of my writing blog Caressing the Muse, and a far-flung friend from Australia. I’m proud to share AC Flory’s review of my memoir on her blog Meeka’s Mind. In ‘Discovering Autism’, Stephanie takes us on a journey, […]

  • Pills

    On A Cure for Autism

    There is an abundance of research that reveals that the disabilities we call autism are centered in the brain. Contemporary science relies on outward behavioral observations for a diagnosis of autism, but these behaviors are the result of differences in the autistic person’s brain. Current theories suggest there are multiple pathways or multiple causes that […]

  • Guardian

    On Appointing Legal Guardians

    My husband and I are our children’s legal guardians, with the exception of my husband’s eldest child who is now 18 and is accountable unto himself. As I look ahead, I foresee that 18 won’t be the same magical number for our younger children. One by one, including Willy, it’s possible and even probable that […]

  • Mental Health

    On Involuntary Commitment

    I recently read a very convincing post in favor of involuntary commitment. The situations described in this post seem to warrant involuntary commitment, not because of the danger people may pose, but because of the peculiar nature of the experiences. Essentially, involuntary commitment is put forth as the only way to get the necessary treatment […]

  • Communicate

    Beyond Words

    Ben has words. Ben can speak. Ben can tell us some of his needs. Ben is learning more words and he’s learning to communicate things like his phone number and his name. But Ben’s ability to communicate is unreliable. Ben has also demonstrated an increased interest in Alex’s communication device. Combine both of those things, […]

  • Pain

    Pain Sucks

    Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been going on. It seems like months, but it’s probably been weeks. I remember, back before October, my doctor and I had gotten my fibromyalgia under control. The pain was manageable and it was being managed. I was still contending with the fogginess, but even that was […]

  • Success

    What’s next? Career Planning!

    Like all of you, autism doesn’t describe all that I am or all of my interests. While autism is a big part of my life, as you would imagine from someone raising three children with autism, I also have a life. In this life, I have worked in career assistance (providing resumes, training, and resources […]

  • Book cover for "First Steps: Understanding Autism"

    Introducing Understanding Autism

    Autism is a complex disability that exists within an even more complex sociopolitical environment. Sometimes it seems that autistic adults and the parents of children with autism are at war with each other over what autism is, what it means, and what should be done about it. It’s hard for anyone just starting their journey […]

  • Book cover for "First Steps: Understanding Autism"

    What Is First Steps All About?

    When you or someone you care about is first diagnosed with a disability, it can be extremely difficult to find reliable, balanced information that is also easy to absorb, quick to read, and enlightening. I’ve gone through this several times now and information sources are either too scattered and unreliable (blogs, websites, etc.) or too […]

  • Bears Wrestling

    Wrestling with Bears

    In a world where people with disabilities are devalued and dehumanized, raising three children with disabilities is a lot like wrestling with bears. You’re stuck in a ring with wild bears who lashes out at each other and at you. You have, maybe, a chair and a whip to keep them in check, but you’re […]

  • Communicate


    Good news! Alex has been approved for a communication device and it has arrived! Yay!!! When I first wrote this post, I had received the news that Alex was approved, but that it would still be weeks before the device actually arrived. Then I got busy and the device arrived sooner than expected. Now, Alex […]

  • My Interview is Archived!

    Sorry for the lack of new posts for the last two weeks. I’ve been busy getting everything together for my second release. This second book, First Steps: Understanding Autism, offers the kind of quick and clear panoramic overview of autism that I wish I had when my children were first diagnosed and is a complement […]