Embracing Chaos

  • Superhero

    A New Boo

    It’s amazing how much illusion plays into our conceptions of our kids. Lately, I’ve been so caught up in how very grown up Will and Alex have become, and the new challenges that brings for both of them, that I hardly noticed that Ben was just a few steps behind them. It helps, I suppose, […]

  • Lost Voice

    The Lost Voice

    Alex’s latest communication clinic appointment didn’t go quite as planned. We turned in the trial device to Talk to Me Technologies on time, which meant sending it back on Monday. We expected to receive another loaner on Wednesday—an iPad with a slightly different version of the same (or a similar) program—from the CASC clinic. Alex […]

  • Sleeping Star

    The Big Sleep

    As Stephen Sondheim said so succinctly in his play, Into the Woods, “Wishes come true, not free.” My wish was to publish my first book. I spent a lot of time, money, and prayer to make that possible. And now my book is officially launched! To celebrate this amazing feat, I slept. Starting around 4pm […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir


    Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity is now live! Visit my store to select your copy today! If you’re not sure yet… then, here’s your final peek at the first chapter!   The lady led me to sit down in what passed for a quiet corner in the din of the gymnasium. I found it difficult […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Get Set!

    So, here’s a quick update: The digital book is ready to go and will be up on my website a.s.a.p. In order to price the print book effectively, I had to make a change, so the arrival of the print books will be delayed slightly; however, they will be available for pre-order when the digital […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Get Ready!

    As I forewarned, this week is going to be a big, big week for me. Not only is my mom having surgery today, but we’re also shipping Alex’s trial communication device back to the supplier. And, I have my digital book all ready to go! All I need to do is get it loaded up […]

  • Stephanie Allen Crist's memoir

    Anticipation In Full

    I’ve been talking about it for years. Now, it’s finally happening. My first book is being released next week! As you can imagine, that alone would make next week a pretty full week. A lot of work goes into a book launch—almost as much work as goes into the book itself, but in a much […]

  • Foggy trees

    Lifting the Fog

    When I first started developing the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I bore it all pretty well. I endured the pain for quite a while without intervention. In fact, it wasn’t until I experienced a dramatic impact on my ability to focus, to concentrate, to learn, and to work that I really sought help from the medical […]

  • Talker and Talking Too

    *Please note that this is an extended version of a previous post. Alex gets it! He finally gets communication! For years, Alex didn’t really understand how communication worked. Any communication that occurred was accidental. He would do or say something we could understand and interpret, and then he’d be rewarded with what he wanted or […]

  • The Four Pillars of Diversity

    This is a preview of content you will see in my manifesto, trimmed down to fit in a blog post. If diversity in general and neurodiversity in particular is to be recognized and embraced, as I hope it will be, then there are four key pillars advocates need to work on building up in their […]

  • Living Dreams

    I’ve got almost everything set up. Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity will be released in February. As the time gets closer and things become more certain, so I’ll let you know the exact release date(s) as soon as they are set. As it looks right now, I think I’ll be publishing the print version with […]

  • Embracing Chaos moved to www.StephanieAllenCrist.com

    If you’re still on my old autism blog, Embracing Chaos, I invite you to hop on over here. You should find all the old posts and comments you’ve enjoy or made in the past. You’ll also find all my future posts as they are uploaded in the, um, well, future. But you won’t find those […]