Embracing Chaos

  • Caught Off Guard

    Will and I had a meeting with his guidance counselor last week. We talked about what Will wants for his future, what we were doing about it, and what else we could do about it. As you may recall, Will wants to be a video game designer. So, I told the counselor that, as far […]

  • Talker and Talking

    Alex gets it! He finally gets communication! For years, Alex didn’t really understand how communication worked. Any communication that occurred was accidental. He would do or say something we could understand and interpret, and then he’d be rewarded with what he wanted or needed. But he had no apparent control over these bursts of communication. […]

  • On Choice

    For some reason, I keep running into these same words, “I didn’t have a choice.” It’s cropped up so many times lately that I just have to comment. My point is simple: There’s always a choice! Admittedly, we may have few choices, we may have bad choices, but nonetheless we always have a choice. Claiming […]

  • On Charity, Social Work, and Public Administration

    It is the opinion of this writer that any time you make a generalization, you enter dangerous territory. Among other things, you risk making the totality of your point (which might be valid if it were better defined) null and void by a single, contradictory example. [Enter James I. Charlton’s Nothing About Us Without Us […]

  • On the Horizon: News About Me

    First, I have some very talented people helping me to create a professional website in my long-ago acquired online turf,www.StephanieAllenCrist.com. This transition will be very important to my changing business, but it will also impact my readers. I’m still not sure how it’s all going to work, but essentially this blog is going to be […]

  • Let the Communication Begin

    Alex has his (trial) communication device! It’s been a long road to get to this point and we’re still not all the way through this journey. Now that he has the trial device, we all have to learn how to use it effectively, including programming it and maintaining it. That’s step one. Step two is […]

  • Disability Identification

    I’m reading Nothing About Us Without Us by James I. Charlton. One of the topics he covers is disability identification. As the argument is presented, one of the biggest challenges of the Disability Rights Movement (DRM) is getting people to both identify with their disability and their peers with disabilities and to feel empowered; because, […]

  • Standing Moderate

    Across the U.S., we’re being inundated with immoderate views. Recently, three men died instead of being taken into police custody. The issues are poignant: racism, police relations, recognition of authority, delegation of authority, and acceptability of subculture, to name a few. None of these issues usually appear on this blog. I don’t write about racism […]

  • Lost and Found

    Once upon a time, the boys had one Kindle. Then, they got two. Then, one broke and so we bought a Nabi, instead. Then, I got the one fixed on warranty, so I had a Kindle, too. Then, Ben lost the Nabi (we always assumed it was deliberate, because the Kindle was preferred because it […]

  • Happy 2015!

    Reflecting back on 2014, it would easy to get hung up on how it was a “bad year” for me and for my family, because the first few months were difficult and the last few months have been especially difficult. But the truth is that I earned more money this year than I did last […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Our Christmas celebration is a three-fold event. It starts with the “Cristmas party,” during which Mark and I bring the boys and, usually, my Mom to the Crist family Christmas party. Over the years this event has been transformed to better meet the needs of the boys. It used to happen in a restaurant or […]

  • Why Must There Be Two?

    I’m not sure if I’ve revealed the specifics yet, but I know I’ve reported my intention to start a nonprofit organization. In fact, I intend to start two from the very start. So, why, you might ask, must there be two? The goal of both nonprofit organizations is to seriously improve the quality of life […]