• Photographer

    Get With the Picture!

    As a marketer, I’ve known for a long time that people prefer content with pictures than content that is just a long column of text. Still, because I’m not a picture person, I resisted using pictures regularly in my own content for many years. Then, I hired a digital marketing firm, Robb Digital Marketing, and […]

  • Keyhole

    Fit Content to Purpose

    You have a purpose. You have a need your marketing must fill. You have expertise you want to share. You have ideas you want to reveal. Your content can help you share your expertise and your content can help you reveal your ideas, but it is only content marketing if it also fills your marketing […]

  • Training

    Adding Training to Your Offerings

    Training is simply expertise presented as education or instruction designed to develop the thoughts, habits, and behaviors of someone with less experience or information on a subject or activity. As a business, you represent a substantial amount of expertise that may be of benefit to colleagues, peers, clients, and customers. By harnessing that expertise into […]

  • Trailer Time: Know Your Audience

    In my search for a suitable book trailer, I found a trailer that had been up for five days and had only four views. I wanted to see if I could figure out why. The first thing I noticed was that the cover art used as the backdrop in this trailer is both beautiful and […]

  • Gears and Cogs

    Interweaving Your Marketing Techniques

    The practical application of marketing often requires you to weave multiple techniques together simultaneously. Copywriting and graphic design are interwoven with social media marketing. Copywriting and videography are interwoven with book trailers. Content marketing and sales funnels are interwoven with self-publication. In the real world, very few marketing techniques are applied on their own. One […]

  • Handshake

    Meeting New Customers

    Many of the independent writers I know are introverted by nature, and I’m no exception. We work in the confines of our own homes, writing our hearts out. On paper, we seem bold and courageous, knowledgeable and confident. But we may seem like something else in person. So, we go with our strengths and we […]

  • Trailer Time: In Motion

    A book trailer combines visual and auditory stimuli to create a more complete experience than a website or flyer can offer. One of the visual stimuli that are available is motion, usually achieved through a motion picture. Please note that this motion is usually within the picture. Little movements at high speeds accumulate to create […]

  • Expert

    Expertise-Driven Content Marketing

    You’ve decided to share your expertise to improve your business prospects. You’ve settled on a brand for your messages. Now, it’s time to start creating and releasing content. As an expert, your job is to create content that delivers value to your customers and your clients through the lens of your brand. It’s a fairly […]

  • Crossover Appeal

    Nurturing Crossover Appeal Without Losing Your Base

    When specialize in two or more different topics, it can be difficult to create a strong enough platform base for each of your specialties. The messages that increase your base on one topic can seemingly erode your base on another. If you want to maximize the impact of your platform(s), then you want to nurture […]

  • Expert

    Branding Your Expertise

    Before you start shouting out your expert knowledge, you need to take some time to seriously consider what you have to offer and what you’d like to accomplish. The way you choose to share your expertise and the way you try to attract an audience should reflect the brand you would like to create for […]

  • Trailer Time: A Merging of Worlds

    I’ve wanted to write fantasy fiction since I was a child. But the first book I wrote was a work of nonfiction—a work of purpose and a work of advocacy. This trailer points to a book that merges the two. I want to love this trailer. I want to try this book. But despite my […]

  • Magnifying Glass

    Will Your Book Be Discoverable?

    My attention has recently been turned to discoverability. In a he said/she said moment, I was told that she told him that it takes authors about a year to get discovered by the masses. In other words, it takes about a year for your first book to catch on. The “he said” part of this […]