• Silver Wings and Starling Voice

    A silver-winged fairy flies up through the icy spray. The unnatural blizzard blows her starling voice away. She reaches for the lover’s hand torn from her frantic grip. The desperate last words of love torn from her brittle lip. Where, o where has my lover gone? Far away, she was blown. Angry winds of a […]

  • Bleeding Fingers

    Surf the Web to hear the truth, But all the talk lacks is proof. Autistic murdered justifiably: Those people just shouldn’t be! Lack of worth grinds law to dust, Mercy sentence pronounced as just. Mama reflects in sorrow and umbrage; On journalists’ hateful coverage. The answer to parents’ violence? The outrage is lost in the […]

  • A Dream Misplaced

    A dream enriched,      Nourished through, Shall grow and flow      and run anew. A dream misplaced,      Falls away, To sleep and wait      and blow astray. Make your choice.             Your careless words,                                                               Your happy criticism                 Your barbed tongue,                                                                churns the dream.             Poison the seed,                                                                      To butter […]