The Marketing Ideal

  • Trust versus Fear

    How Do You Build Trust?

    Trust is the cornerstone of relationships. Whether you’re courting a customer or a lover, creating a relationship based on trust is a key feature of ensuring your relationship endures. When you have a customer’s trust, you have a foundation to build a lasting relationship. But trust is not built in a static environment. Ethically speaking, […]

  • Checkup

    Your First Quarter Check Up

    One quarter of the year is over. How is your marketing doing? It might seem like a strange question. Some people still plan their marketing for the year and then let it roll, as if their marketing and their marketing environment is static. Of course, some people don’t even plan their marketing. Instead, they react […]

  • Trust versus Fear

    Do Your Clients Come Back?

    I don’t know that I’m good at what I do because I have been thoroughly trained. I don’t know that I’m good at what I do because I have received supportive and encouraging feedback from my professors and my fellow students, or because I receive compliments from my fellow marketers. I know that I’m good […]

  • Business Growth

    Driving Growth with Outsourcing

    Your business may not have the human resources you need to drive your business’s growth, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without. Outsourcing can be a great way to supplement your staff’s abilities, so you can get the maximum growth without overcommitting your human resources. Selling is an essential business function. Unfortunately, we’re […]

  • Thought Leadership

    The Importance of Thought Leadership

    If you want to be more than a sole proprietor, then you need to do more than other sole proprietors do. One of the most important strategies you can pursue is to establish yourself as a thought leader. Thought leadership refers to the process of sharing new and insightful information with the public. This is […]

  • Writer

    Do You Want to Be a Content Marketer?

    If you’re considering becoming a content marketer, there’s a lot of work out there that you may be able to do, but there are a few things you should know before you dive in. 1) Content is…? Content refers to the information, entertainment, and persuasive messages people and businesses produce in order to engage an […]

  • Partnership

    Inter-Branding to Expand Your Reach

    There are many different ways for organizations to work together. One way involves sharing branding opportunities in order to expand the reach of two or more organizations that have similar customers. These organizations may be competitors who agree to work together, but they don’t have to be. The only important qualification is that their target […]

  • Partnership

    Starting to Collaborate

    Businesses collaborate in order to achieve common purposes. Those purposes are business purposes that may be influenced by other—social, political, or economic—goals held by the business owners and operators, but these purposes are always important to the business in some way. Some collaborations are formal, like joint ventures, while others are more tentative, like working […]

  • Idea Light Bulb

    What’s the Big Idea?

    You are building a business. You want to brand your business. You have some idea of what it is you want this brand, this business to be. But as you go through the motions of building your business and creating your brand, I have to ask if you’ve ever really stopped to develop this idea […]

  • Partnership

    Building Up Your Client List

    Maybe you don’t like to sell. Maybe you don’t know who to call. Maybe you’re just too busy doing what you do to bother. Whatever your reasons, whatever your excuses, it’s time to admit you need help. Let me show you how this works. In the business world, selling is usually a separate function from […]

  • Global Network

    The Staying Power of the Solopreneurship

    In the last few years, a new trend has been developing. A lot of people have lost their jobs, but not all of them have lost their way. A lot of other people have begun prioritizing their time differently, and they want work that gives them the freedom to set their own priorities. A lot […]

  • Business Growth

    Alleviating Growing Pains

    As you might recall from you childhood, growing hurts. But you don’t have to suffer your growing pains without relief! Here are three strategies that will alleviate your business’s growing pains without sacrificing your growth potential. Get Help The busier your business becomes, the more free time you’ll need to meet the growing demand. When […]