The Marketing Ideal

  • Values Silhouettes

    A Values Proposition

    Some people honestly believe you need to compromise your ethics to do well in business. Other people know that they prefer working with partners, collaborators, and providers who adhere to ethics similar to their own. Whether you’re a full blown partner in a joint venture or merely a provider, your ethical misconduct will reflect poorly […]

  • 10

    10 Steps to Becoming a Solopreneur

    Maybe you are a small business owner trying to transform your business to increase your profitability. Maybe you are a freelancer who wants more than just the same old work-for-every-dollar routine. Maybe you have been displaced as a worker or a homemaker and want to jump straight to the best route for sustainable income. Here’s […]

  • Marketing Strategy

    Re-Branding Your Customer Experience

    Brand can often seem like an intangible, ephemeral sense of identity. But it’s easy to get a handle on your brand: It is the sum of your customers’ experiences of your business. This is good news, because it means that you do exercise more control over your brand than one might think. This is bad […]

  • Cross and person shadow

    Faith and Business

    When I first started operating my business in 2010, my religious faith was a big part of who I was and that certainly influenced my business practices, but I rarely made any sort of reference to my faith with regards to my business. Now, my faith is a bigger part of my life and a […]

  • Connected customers around the world.

    Beyond Word of Mouth

    More people are searching the web for the products and services they need. They are no longer dependent on local businesses to serve their interests. They may even find that many of their local businesses prefer international clients. In such an environment, word of mouth isn’t what it used to be. In the B2B world, […]

  • Business Growth

    Growing to Thrive

    If you want to thrive, you need sufficient revenues—the lifeblood of your business—to meet expenses and to provide investment capital, on top of whatever profits you want to bring home. You need to be able to generate sufficient revenues to meet the additional expenses (investments) required for growth. Generating excess revenues in order to grow […]

  • Trust versus Fear

    Trustworthy Communications

    If you want to run an ethical organization and you want to engage in ethical marketing, the first thing you must realize, the first thing you must do is ensure that you are worthy of others’ trust. “Trust is something you can’t fake or quick fix.” – Stephen Covey, et. al., in First Things First […]

  • Systemizing Your Service-Based Solopreneurship

    If you are a sole proprietor providing services, then I know how reliant you are on a steady flow of profitable clients. I’ve been there and I know how devastating the slow times can be to your cash flow. There is a solution that can improve your flow of clients, while also providing residual income […]

  • Building Relationships by Teaching Your Customers

    Marketing is a means of professional communication, yet many businesses fail in their responsibility to communicate effectively with their customers. Customers want information that is useful and easily understood. They want to know what your products and services are, but more importantly they want to know what products and/or services can meet their needs. Technical […]

  • Investing in Ethics

    Many business owners want to run ethical organizations. They want to provide high-quality products and services to their clients, and to do so honestly and responsibly. But even with the best of intentions, some businesses flounder in the gray areas of running their business. They’re not sure how to push forward while maintaining their ethical […]

  • Welcome to the Marketing Ideal!

    Welcome! Congratulations for finding The Marketing Ideal! This is the new marketing and business blog of Stephanie Allen Crist. As this blog gets rolling, you’ll discover it is a great source of information and advice about marketing, development, and growth for both startups and emerging businesses. Many businesses throughout the world rely on a few […]