Marketing Services

I provide the following services to direct clients and to the clients of complementary service businesses. With degrees in Business Administration and Corporate Written Communications and extensive experience with a wide variety of clients, I provide high-value services to clients all over the world. Located in a small city within the pleasantly affordable belt of the Midwest, I am able provide these high-value services at affordable prices. Projects are identified, time tables are estimated, and a quote is provided. The base rate for my services is $75 per hour, quoted at a firm project price that allows you to know your costs ahead of time. Changes you make to the project agreement will be billed at the straight hourly rate.

Planning and Development Services

  • Business Consultation: I provide planning and development consultation services to businesses in the initial stages of launching or transforming their business activities. I utilize my planning and develop expertise to help you formulate a business concept and structure that will provide sustainable, profitable business growth for your enterprise.
  • Business Planning: I provide formal business planning services to startup enterprises and businesses seeking to revitalize their business through transformation. These services include both consultation and the creation of a written business plan. Distinct pricing schedules apply to solopreneurs and multi-person operations.

Content Marketing Services

  • Holistic Content Marketing: I provide holistic content marketing services to businesses seeking a long-term content provider. These services are designed to provide businesses with consistent content designed to achieve specified marketing goals. This comprehensive package includes consultation, planning, and content delivery.
  • Marketing Consultation: Businesses that are unable or unwilling to commit to a long-term content provisioning contract can still benefit from my marketing expertise. I provide marketing consultation services that will help you develop consistent content that achieves specific marketing goals.
  • Single-Post Content Marketing: My single-post content marketing services involve the creation of individual pieces of content that meet your immediate marketing needs. Examples of content I create include web page copy, blog posts, white papers, and case studies.

Branding Services

  • Branding Consultation: I provide branding consultation services to businesses that are in the process of creating or revamping their business identity. These services can range from concept development to crafting the voice and style of your future communications.
  • Branding Development: My intense branding services come as a comprehensive branding package, including concept development, creation of a branding structure, marketing integration, messaging development, and branding documentation.
  • Branding Content: I also provide a full-service branding package that includes consultation and development services, as well as the creation of initial branding content, including web pages, blog posts, press releases, funding campaigns, and more. The specific package of services will be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

*Please note that client will need to provide required inputs in order for me to produce these services. I do not provide imaging, graphic design, or website development services.