Marketing Writing

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Marketing is a complex discipline. Unless you’re an expert in marketing, it can be difficult to get a handle on the full scope and depths of marketing. Here I provide free resources you can use to improve your grasp of this essential discipline and gain a better understanding of how marketing impacts your business.

Some of the topics you’ll find here may surprise you. As a professional writer, marketing copy is my most prominent area of expertise. Everyone understands and expects a writer to produce exceptional marketing copy. I also have areas of expertise far outside from the traditional realms of copywriting, which some may find unexpected. Once you understand that exceptional writing is a professional discipline that requires extensive planning and development skills, both at the micro level of the individual piece of writing and at the macro level of the writing career, it becomes easier to grasp why I also specialize in planning and development and branding services.

I have developed a deep and thorough understanding of marketing that I will now share with you. Feel free to explore these offerings at your leisure and keep your eye out for new content.