When I made the transition from stay-at-home mother to work-at-home marketer, I started by getting a degree in Business Administration. I supplemented my academics with independent studies; then, after graduating summa cum laude, I started the first iteration of Purple Pen Writing Services. Starting in 2010, I served local businesses and individuals, providing marketing copy, planning services, and resumes.

The next iteration of Purple Pen Writing Services followed the attainment of my graduate degree in Written Communications and Corporate Written Communications. I sought out national and international clients, using content platforms, like Scripted, as my primary means of client contact. The distance this put between me and my real clients grew increasingly problematic. Then, two things happened. First, after successfully producing several pieces of marketing content, one client was rebuffed by the content platform after expressing a resolute preference for me to complete another assignment. So, this client sought me out via LinkedIn, found me, and we’ve been working directly ever since. Second, I found certain policy changes a few of my “bread and butter” platforms implemented to be intolerably poor business practice. So, another iteration of Purple Pen Writing Services was in order.

Now, I work exclusively with direct clients. I balance a mix of large, complex projects with regular content marketing generation. I provide high-value marketing and business development services with the utmost integrity. I also provide content marketing services, focusing on long-term content needs, while also accepting a few single-post assignments. There is high demand for the limited quantity of services I am able to provide, which means I cannot accept all of the assignments offered to me. I select assignment based on the capacity I have available and the expertise required to complete the project. Please note that I will reject any assignments that involve questionable business practices or lapses in integrity.

Planning & Development

One of my highly developed areas of expertise is business planning and development. I can help you design, plan, and launch your new business or the newest iteration your business. I specialize in creating solopreneurs.

Content Marketing

Marketing practices are changing. Most businesses can no longer afford to make their marketing take a backseat to their advertising and sales teams. I provide holistic content market services, as well as supplementary, “as needed” services.

Branding Development

Your brand is your business’s identity. Whether you’re changing your business, launching a new one, or simply revamping your identity, I can help you form a brand that fits your future and craft the copy that takes you there.

Looking Forward

As a professional writer, I would be remiss in my own solopreneurship if I did not provide a mix of content for free and for purchase. On this site, you find both forms of content. Please check out my new blog, The Marketing Ideal, as well as the topics I have covered and the products available for purchase.

I’d also like to take a moment to address professionals who may be interested in my work and the information I have to offer. If you are interested in covering the news of my work in any (credible) capacity, feel free to use my contact page to get a hold of me. If you are interested in inviting me to speak, you should know that I am also in the process of developing talks of varying lengths that I can give in front of appropriate audiences. I will expedite these efforts upon request.