Readers’ Store

As a writer, I am producing a variety of products that will soon be available for purchase. Here you will find all my fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry as it becomes available. If you’re a writer looking for some marketing help, click on over to the services page to see what I can do for you.


Coming in 2015! The Coveted One is a fantasy novel that tells the coming-of-age story of a young woman with a big destiny. After growing up with an abusive father, Simone is given a way out, but the ultimate escape leads to the ultimate transformation as Simone becomes the Coveted One. (Please note that this novel contains graphic violence and is not suitable for unsupervised minors.)

Coming in 2015! The Sweetest Dream is a fantasy novella in which the island nation Fairehaven is Unveiled. It all starts when Princess Kierla dreams about saving a little boy in another land. Following her dream sets her on a course that demands she leaves behind everything she’s ever known in order to change the course of human history. Will Kierla have the courage to follow her dreams and leave Fairehaven behind forever?


Coming in 2016! It’s not easy to live your dreams. You meet many challenges along the way. Some will knock you down. Others will wreck you. The special ones will inspire you to live dreams you never thought possible. As one who is living my dreams, I have been asked to tell my story. In 2016, I will.


No poetry collections are currently or imminently available.